Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ft. Myers 2009

Ft. Myers 2009
This year we spent two weeks at the beach-the other two weeks in July were reserved for a visit from our Norway cousins. I'll post that trip soon (hopefully).

Eva came by to visit with the gang. We had a great time with make your own tacos and FARKLE

Dan, Cavan and Brady also stopped by for dinner and a walk to the Dairy Queen (that got rained out-boo hiss). While it was raining we decided to learn how to throw the cast net. It's an art we haven't quite mastered yet. Dan tried but we'll see how we do next time out.

Fourth of July in the pool. This has to be one of my favorite days at the beach!

Cutie Pie Ry hanging out by the pool

Kevin and Dad were chilling out

Jared and JC at the other end of the pool, away from all the commotion

Ryan and Danielle

Jared caught off guard

Me and Rick :)

Ryan found some sea sponge on our critter hunt

Rob and Jared looking for gross things :)

Rob and the kids for the annual Father's day picture on the beach

Ryan walking to the sand "bridge" and trying to keep her skirt from getting wet...ha

The boys going out

Rick and Kevin, always, buddy up together.

After the first couple days we could FINALLY get out on the boat. The weather was great and so was the fishing. The kids all got to go out, but one at a time. It was more special that way and we had no violation of personal space. It was a great time for everyone! Here is Jared with his shark

Kevin with one of his grouper. This boy also caught trigger fish, sharks, jacks, snapper, trout, pins...etc. This boy LOVES to fish. You need to ask him about his trigger fish :)

Ryan with her first shark ever. I have strange pictures like this from when I was her age. The no head always freaks people out, but I wouldn't let them hold a shark that still had it's head!

We had a great year. It went by too fast as usual...though the trip home took FOREVER. We had stop after stop and finally made it to Hartwell 14 hours later--it was a long day! Can't wait to go back next year, until then we'll just have our pictures and our great memories of an awesome vacation at the beach! :)

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