Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Time in the Suburbs...

Annual Homer Kids Holiday Photo=disaster. It all started when I forgot to get the picture after church on Sunday. One night I looked up at the calendar and realized that I needed to get on the ball if we wanted Christmas cards instead of New Year's Cards. I had the kids run upstairs and throw on something nice on top of their school clothes. Ryan was in her PJ's but made a quick wardrobe change. It ended up ok, but not what I had planned on.

We also decided to try and have the cats in the picture this year. We finally got a system using treats and choke holds. This obviously didn't work but I thought you might enjoy the pictures! The outtakes make me giggle :) This picture was close, but if you know Kevy, this is his grunt face...

Outtake 1: Jared getting a whack in the face

Outtake 2: Kevin getting clawed and Jared getting kicked...Haley looking at all the action. perfect.

Gingerbread 101, make sure the kids have lunch first. They were all grumpy and had to be seperated before the roof was completed. Each child got a section to work on in "private" and then they ate the house. Not quite what my dreams are made of but they had fun...I think ;)

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