Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from the HomerHouse!

Time to open stockings! We asked the kids to wait until 6:30 am Christmas morning, and we heard footsteps at 6:29 am. Of course they snuck down to see the tree, but they did come get us up before they opened anything. I was so thankful to have another year of shopping at the toy store. Before I know it, I'll be looking for things at the electronics store, the clothes and the latest gadget retailer. At least they were still "little" for me this year. :)

I love this shot! Ryan was jumping on the couch, oh so excited, she can't wait for everyone to get in the room to open gifts!

Jared asked for Mexican Jumping Beans this year...interesting choice ;)

Kevin finally got his drums. Too bad we put them in the basement....who knew Kevin was still afraid to go down there alone? ;)

Ryan got stuff for her American Girls, a "pink 'toothpick' guitar" and all the digs for her Zhu Zhu's. What an awesome day!!

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