Saturday, May 22, 2010

Swim with the Champions Tour

Did Ryan win a GOLD medal??? Nah, she's just borrowing one until she gets her own. ;) We signed the swimmers up for a pro-am with 3 Olympic medalists: Misty Hyman (Ryan's favorite), Maritza Correia and Matt Targett.

Here's the group shot

they were all SO nice, we will do this again!!

Ryan on the blocks against Misty...AWESOME! I had to quick grab my still camera because I was getting video at the same time. I will try and post those later.

autographs at the end. Ryan has had Misty's picture on her door for the last 3 years. :)

Notice the bling?? Those are Matt's 3, yes 3, NCAA AUBURN rings. He let Ryan wear them since her middle name is Auburn.

I had pictures of Jared but his group was way across the pool. He had a great time as well. Rob and Kevin stayed home and had some "guy time". Looking forward to a great summer in the pool.

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