Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog a thon final installment

So Jared made Honor Roll for his first term in Middle School. Ryan made the wall of fame before Thanksgiving (that is the fastest that any Homer child has made it up on the wall). Kevin got straight A's on his first report card of the term, another HomerHouse first. I can honestly say they are doing fantastic in school all around. So awesome guys!

At Carlton Farms in Cartersville (our favorite corn maze)

Ok, I loved this shot too, I couldn't decide :)

Ryan was asked to come read to her preschool during conference week. She was so honored and practiced for weeks. She picked Skeleton Hiccups and The Little old Lady who Wasn't Afraid of Anything. It was so cute to watch. Kevin was a big helper holding the book and helping with sound effects. :)

We decided to have a sleepover for 9 kids the weekend of Halloween. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking but we had such a super fantastic time. We went to the Haunted House in the neighborhood to benefit St. Judes, ate cookies, played video games and just had a great time.

This is one of those pictures that makes me pee my pants. Look carefully at Jared. I love how they think I'll never know what they are doing. We always have ways of finding out, sometimes it just takes a photo edit to see it!

Ryan is in mourning, Kevin is super serious and who knows what face Jared is making under that mask!

Jelly Bean the pumpkin with Kevins #66 pumpkin

My AU with Jared's Oblivion pumpkin

Kevin's actual birthday party. Think the kids were sick of cameras?

I L.O.V.E the expression on Kev's face when he got his iTouch. Thanks to Rob's Delta points we were able to get him his wish list gift-he was totally surprised! Look at Jackson-these boys crack me up! :) We had a great time at Dave & Busters and even had a mystery guest show up at Zaxby's for dinner and games...Uncle Ricky was in town!

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