Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog a thon part III-almost done ;)

So continuing on with our whirlwind tour of the HomerHouse Fall review. Jared started Confirmation classes this year. Hard to believe he is already that age. The program changed this year so it will now take 3 years to complete the course. We are in for a 7 year confirmation commitment. Here's the scary thing---Jared will have to come home from college to see Ryan be confirmed. AHHH! Crazy how fast the time is going here. Jared's first overnight camping trip to Luther Ridge was in October. He had a BLAST! I think 50 something kids went to NC for the weekend. I know Kevin is excited for his turn to go with Jared for an overnight.

A first in the HomerHouse, Jared decided that he wanted to do a Triathlon with Anthony. How can you argue with that? They already train for it, we might as well sign up. The other two kids want to do it in the Spring, so we may become a one sport family. I doubt we can give up year round swimming or football but ya never know!

Jared at the finish line. The first rain we had in over 2 months and it POURED down. I was so nervous for Mr. Careful Careful to do the bike portion but he did fantastic!

Not only did we go to Kevin's games, we went to the big kid Kell games as well. This was a shot from Jr. Longhorn night where they call all the young players out on to the field. Ansley gets all Ryan's clothes and is my girlfriend Trisha's daughter. She's two years younger but almost as tall as Ryan so I think they may have to start sharing clothes. They other cutie pie is Gabby, Ryan's girlfriend down the street. We had a blast and the Kell big boys are STILL undefeated and they are in the third round of the state playoffs. We are totally going if they make it to the finals!

Jared picked up an instrument this year. My violin. Rick gave it to me for my 10th Christmas gift. I love it but never learned how to play. Jared seems to be a natural and this is a shot from his first concert. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! When the 7th graders came out it was amazing to see how they will improve in a year.

We decided to head to Stone Mountain for the Pumpkin festival. I took a quick shot of the Homer Kids, Mary and the boys before the 4D movie started. We look like a Hershey's commercial! :)

Pinkie on the blocks. We started our swim season in October and the kids did GREAT at their first meet. The Gold invite was a great season opener and they both did really well. Not two weeks later were they on the blocks again for the Carrollton invite. Pinkie for a second meet in a row beat all of her times but one. That is fantastic.

Jared was close on Ryan's heels with personal bests. He didn't break all of them each meet but he did break at least half which is still fantastic. Looking forward to the Jingle Bell meet in December, it's always a favorite and holds a special place in my heart.

This picture should get it's own post. Notice anything different about Kevin's looks? He got glasses at the end of October, what a change. I'm shocked that he was the first but he does really well with them. I think Jared may need to go with Ryan for her 1 year check up in December. Who knows, we may have all three in glasses soon. I hope not but we'll see. haha get it?

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