Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog a thon part II

So continuing on with the blog a thon.... We went to the beach in July, then came home to school, lake weekends, football and more football. I will try to keep these in chronological order but I am not making any promises. Each occasion was awesome and worthy of blogging!

Jenni, Rich, Trey and Auntie Nancy came up to lake Hartwell. How cute is Trey?!? I wanted to eat him up all weekend. This child is so sweet and wicked smart. We all had so much fun together but I think my kids really enjoyed being the big kids and helping out their little buddy. He loved making the trucks honk, doesn't everyone?! :)

Ryan teaching Trey how to jump off the dock

Mom and Nan with a concoction ;)

Rob on the yamaha, great weather and very few boats

Jared chillin

This year for Labor Day we had company come in to town. We were very blessed to have my folks, my dad's sister Sandie, her hubby Milt, Dad's sister Karen and her hubby Gary come stay with us for the weekend. The gang was all together for Dad's oldest sister, Mary & Ralph's, 50th wedding anniversary. We had such a fantastic time. The last time we were all together at the HomerHouse was for Gramps' 90th birthday in November 2003.

Are you ready for football?? This year Rob decided he was going to help coach. That worked great for me since I had the swimmers at the pool. Practice time carpooling went very smoothly this year. :) Rob was in charge of special teams, Ryan was water girl, Jared sometimes was ball boy and I was the team videographer. Kevin got to start as center and played some defense as well. The team went 6-2 and tied for a playoff but lost in the tie breaker. Kev was ok with that, the boys were tired and he had wrestling to look forward to!

Kevin and his best friend Jackson. I can't wait to see these two young ones grow up together!

Kevin as center-go Kev!! He only had about 4 bad snaps all season, pretty good record. There is a special relationship between a center and his QB ;)

Getting ready to go to the first game of the season

Kev and Coach-Dad :)

One last weekend at the lake. Mary, Anthony and Andrew joined us for a few days when the kids had a break in September. It almost makes going back so early worth it. I think we saw three boats in four days. The kids had a fantastic time and want to adopt Gran and Grandfather. I'm sure we will have another lake visit at some point. :)

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