Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sprayberry Classic 2011

After the Grizzly Tournament in December Kevin decided he wanted to wrestle in the Sprayberry Classic in January. He was already signed up for the two Kell tourneys but he wanted to do another one. Since conditioning seems to be his thing more than the killer instinct- get out there and cream your opponent-we decided that Kev would call the shots as to what we signed him up for. He's happy working out and we're happy he's getting exercise in the off season. Whether he competes is totally up to him. I decided to take him by myself since we had an impending storm system moving in. We needed serious provisions and Rob was in charge of doing that.
The first round of three was super intense. Kevin hung in for all 3 periods and the kid got a pin at the last second. I guess he did some sort of hold that wasn't legal so Kevin was pretty upset. Judging by how upset his coach got at the ref, I believe the other kid did something illegal. For the 2nd bout Kevin got in there fast and furious, more like we see him at practice. He WON on points, his first official win!! I was SO happy for him.

I think this was his 10th tournament, an average of three wrestles per tourney-he lost about 30 times in a row...pretty tough to keep getting up from that. But Kevin did, he got the tech win, now he wants the pin win. The third bout was ugly. The kid creamed Kevin on points. I'm not sure if he got a pin or not, the ref was less than stellar. Quite a few complaints but since I have no clue what is allowed or not I just had to depend on the coaches to fight that battle. I snapped another quick shot of Kev with my phone, the lighting was terrible for the big camera. We raced home to settle in for the huge snow storm...would it really snow again this soon?!?

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