Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Break

We decided to head up to the lake for some R & R during our February break from school. I wasn't sure if I would be a fan of all these week long breaks, but I have to tell you, the year has flown by. We got to sleep in on Saturday and that was SO sweet! Then we hit the beach to burn, burn, burn. Mom and dad have quite a bit of property to keep up with so we decided that we could lend a hand. It's not always fun and games up there. The stupid raccoon decided to make a home for himself in the Windy Two so that mess got cleaned up as well. A hard day of work and we had the rest of the time to play.

Sunday the weather was grumpy so we all just hung out around the house.

Monday was time to Geocache! We decided to drive around and hit some of the ones we have had trouble with in the past. Now that we know what we are doing it made it a bit easier. Unfortunately we let Grandfather pick the movie that night and he is now on movie restriction!

We decided to head back in time for practice on Tuesday but traffic was awful so we ended up missing it by 30 minutes. The rest of the week we just chilled around the house, got caught up on chores and made plans for our visit to Auburn on Saturday.

Ryan did decide one day that we needed to go to the store and buy fabric for her to make a pillow case. Gran and Grandfather got her a sewing machine for her birthday and I had been promising that she could make one. I think it turned out pretty cute. :)

lay everything out to get ready

removing the pins as we go

TA DA! a new pillow case for her travel pillow. Great job Ryan!

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