Sunday, February 27, 2011

Italia (Rob's pics)

Rob gets to travel quite a bit for work, great places like Turkey, Australia, maybe get the point. He hijacked my camera for his trip to Italy in February. I posted some of my favorites but Rob will have to add notes as to what we are looking at...I'm sure I missed something of great historical significance but maybe he can shed some light. I was never really good at history.

Vatican maybe?

This place looks huge, the people look so tiny! The statues on the top must be 15 feet tall...

I know this one. The only picture I asked him to take. It's the Bridge of Angels near the Vatican. I remembered this from my brothers travel pictures and I wanted Rob to get to see it.

Love this one...

Trevi Fountain maybe?

Rob loved this, I agree.

I am quite certain this picture does NOT do justice...

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