Friday, February 4, 2011

Rays Invite

This weekend we devoted to swimming...again. It was a tough meet for both kids-long events, long days, and big kids with fast times. Ryan had to swim girls that were almost 13 since it was a 12U event. Jared just had to try and post respectable times.

They both totally rocked it out and they each blew their times out of the water. Jared dropped time in 8 of 8 events and Ryan dropped times in 7 of 8. Unbelievable! The most incredible times were Jared's 200 Back, he dropped 10 seconds and on his 200 Breast he dropped 15 seconds. 4 seconds off on his 50 Back and 200 Free. Amazing!

Ryan had a 15 sec bombshell for her 100 Breast, an 11 second on her 100 Back and a whopper dropper of 21 seconds down on her 100 Fly. Super fun to watch. She also posted time in a new event, her 200 Fr. Her seed time was 20 seconds more than she swam it so I guess she did really well in that event as well. WAY TO GO!!

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