Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pink Shell 2011 iPhone pics, raw and unedited

I take SO many pictures with my iPhone (Buddy). I don't always have my big camera with me but I want to catch life in the action. I may not get a chance to blog things for a while but when I do I at least have some sort of photo to go along with the narrative. Please excuse the quality, Buddy doesn't do well in certain lighting conditions. After a year and a half I just figured out how to get all my pictures off the phone and into a file without having to email them one by one, hence all the collage posts from May, June and July. At least you know what we have been up to, even with all the crazy random pictures thrown together. :) Also excuse the fact that most of these are on FB, I wanted to add more commentary. Enjoy our month at the beach. More pics to follow from the Nikon...

Kevin during low tide, critter hunting. He spent the evening "saving" the lightning whelks on the sandbars. Did you know that the Lightning Whelk is the only left handed shell?

The HomerHouse :)

Mister and Sister :D

Mom and Dad

My dad tried like crazy to get the kids to do this shot last year. This year they did it with out complaint but I didn't have the camera!

I love, love, love this picture. It sums up my daughter in totality, ya know, that "a pictures worth a 1,000 words" kind of thing. She is a water baby!

Eva's first trip shark fishing. We had a great day, thanks Rick! :)

Pinkie catching bait

I love this one, she is trying to save all the star fish. My kids get so irked when people (kids especially) mistreat and man handle the sea creatures.

Summer reading at it's best. Who wouldn't enjoy sitting on the porch, with a breeze and a great book? ahhhh......decadence!

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