Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ft. Myers Beach 2011

Be still my soul. I love the beach. I love being at the beach with my family and my "beach" family. I love July. I love Summer.

This year we had another wonderful vacation to Beach Club I. For the first time Rob and I were owners as well and that took some of the stress off of having 8 people in one unit for 4 weeks. You know that saying about fish and relatives...? Well, we had plenty of fish this year and thanks to a second unit the relative part didn't come into play. ;)

One of our first stops is to see Rob's Aunt and Uncle and his 98 year old Grandma. This is a highlight of our trip and mom usually comes along to see everyone. This year Rob's folks were down at the same time so we had a mini family reunion the first week of our vacation. We did make our way back down before the end of July.

Ryan, Kevin, Jared and Great Grammy

Kevy Bu and Uncle Ricky

My beach bunny

The rotten little Monkey urchins ;)

Lots of shells this year due to the beach expansion project.

My attempt at artsy

Kevin saving the critters

Another attempt

Rob and the love of his life~~hehehe

The Times Square clock (more awesome artfulness)

My Guy :D
My favorite Artsy shot of the Summer

Time to leave, one of our last nights on the beach for 2011.

We had such a blast (even thought the first 2 weeks were pretty rainy) at the flea market, shopping, nightly beach walks and just having summer fun. We got to see my girlfriend Eva oodles and she got to stay with us some since we have the 2nd unit-not to mention all the shopping trips to Island Sol. A trip to Marco was not to happen this year, but maybe next...I don't think I have ever been there and I would love to see Eva's newest store there. We had a few chances to see my cousin Danny and his beautiful family. We also had one of the best years fishing that I can ever remember. Remind me, I need to get the pictures from Rick and Dad so I can do a separate post on all of our fishing adventures. :)

Time to start thinking about back to school... ick.

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