Saturday, July 2, 2011

Six Flags 2011

Each year the kids have the opportunity to read for free Six Flags tickets. Boy, do they know the way to Jared's heart! We let the kiddos pick a friend to take, especially since they have the same option to get free tickets too. It's a win-win. This year we had a sleep over afterward, it was chaos but so much fun to welcome summer.

Ryan & Gabby

1st stop? The BRAND NEW Dare Devil Dive, Jared has been waiting MONTHS for this to open, he was over the moon excited. Everyone went on except for Ryan, Evan and Mom...that's ok-someone needs to watch the stuff ;)

Lived up to expectations, which for him are pretty high :)

Thunder River: Rob, Anthony, Jared and Jordan

Thunder river part two: hehehe, guess who got wet? Kevin, Evan, Gabby & Ryan
No worries Kevin, we were all going to get soaked in a bit. A HUGE summer storm came out of nowhere so we ended up calling the day short by about an hour. There was so much hail, wind and rain I thought we would float away. We stopped at Waffle House for dinner and then back to the HomerHouse for sleeps, great visit-next year will be here soon I am sure.

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