Thursday, October 27, 2011

October update minus Halloween

Kell White 10/11 Football is officially over. The team ended the season 4-4 and boy did they play hard! With the exception of two teams that REALLY do not belong in our league (but that's another blog entry) the boys had a great season. Rob really enjoyed coaching and Kevin enjoyed being starting center again this year. Both boys are already looking forward to the 2012 season where Kevin will try out for the Kell 6th grade team. Way to go Kell, Hook 'Em!

October also saw the first Orchestra concert of 7th grade for Jared. I am proud to say that he is the principle second, which means he is the 1st chair of the 2nd violins. I had to google it to understand that there are two types of violins, 1sts and 2nds. They play different parts like harmony and melody for instance. So, Jared is the "best" of the second violins. We are so proud of him and so happy that he loves to play. Rob and I both wish we had learned an instrument and it looks like Jared picked it up really easy.

Swimming in October was fantastic as well. The kids swam the first weekend at Georgia Tech and had 50/50 personal bests versus right on their times. The next weekend was HUGE for Pinkie as she swam her first 500Fr. I missed it because I was out of town with Jared but I got lots of pictures, texts and email updates from my peeps at the pool. She came in at 8.07.98, just 8 seconds shy of Jared's 500 Fr time. She had Daddy there to lap count and her friend Jack was there to cheer her on.
As I mentioned, Jared and I were out of town. We went to the beautiful mountains of Ashville to Lutheridge Camp with the GLSC FX3 and Confirmation kids. I think we had 42 kids and 16 adults, what a great crowd! We had an absolute blast and I can't wait to go again. We had fun all weekend though I would rather not have participated in the white water rafting. ;) It was cold. It was wet. I have to say it was a bit fun...Jared even got out and jumped off the jumping rock 22 feet into the French Broad River. No thank you!! He did it twice and I froze just watching him get in that water. Here are some pictures from that trip :)

The front entrance. I totally googled this shot. It was dark when we arrived and I was in the middle of a coach bus, not the best opportunity to get a picture. :)

The group on the water. Jared was in the first boat, I was in the last.

1st shot of Jared's boat. He's having a GREAT time!

1st shot of my boat...notice my death grip and grimace?

Pretty nature shot ;)

2nd photo op, Jared with his roller coaster wo-hoo-hoo-hoo face. I can almost hear him :)

I LOVE the look on the counselors face behind Jared, contrast that with the guide behind her ;)

Yeah, still thinking I'm about to die...BUT I didn't cause I am sitting here blogging about it. :D In my nice warm slippers, with a cup of joe. :)

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