Monday, June 18, 2012

Pool time 2012

 WOOHOO-Kick off to summer swim team.  GO CHARGERS!
 I love this picture, there is so much going on.  Josh being Josh, Gretchen being Gretchen.  Ryan sitting on Jared and he is letting her and being nice about it, Kevin in the back ground worming his way in for the best "goober" angle.  Love it!
 Pinkie and Alex
 Me and the boy.  I heart him :D
 Hanging at the pool after church on Sunday is the B.E.S.T!!!
 Pinkie and Jared each picked one Long Course meet to go to.  She picked the Georgia Tech pool and he picked the Mountain View Pool.  Nice for me cause if they had picked the same meet I would be in for a double shift Long Course.  Ew. This is Pinkie with her girlfriend Kylie.  Two of the sweetest darn kids on the planet! Great swimming ladies :)
 2012 MVS Chestnut Hill Chargers coming at you on the fly!  Go, Pinkie, Go! 
BTW, she streamlined 12.5 on this event...whew!
 Jared during the 13-14 Medley Relay doing what he loves best-50 Breast
 The return leg of the 50 BR, recognize the bloke on the block waiting for Jared to touch?
Oh Yeah!  That would be my Bu coming down for the 50Fly leg of the 13-14 (you heard me correctly) 200 MRR.  Kevin stepped up to help the team and went up to the 13-14's for the night.  I LOVE that they got to swim together.  They went 1-2 on the 100 Free and the 100 IM.  They swam together for the 200 MRR and 200 FRR and took 1st in both. We ended up winning the meet by 1 (ONE) point, amazing night! I was hoarse from screaming--I am one proud momma bear.

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Cathy said...

Same here! My family and I also have an incredible time in our pool every Sunday. =D My mom loves our Jacuzzi. She’s like a queen when in there. =P By the way, Pinkie and Jared are natural swimmers. I think they are lined up to be the next Rebecca Soni and Michael Phelps.

Cathy Newman