Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summertime 2012

 YAHOO!  Kick off the summer by heading up to the lake to hang out!  Water was nice and warm, fishing was great and sun was shining :D
 Ryan caught a nice catfish off the dock
 Before the summer rains hit we needed to get a tree removed from the side of the house.  Every time the wind would blow it would scrape and scare me half to death-needless to say I couldn't sleep thinking the gutter would rip off at any minute.  It was neat to watch the guy scurry up the tree like a squirrel.  He had the tree down in 5 minutes flat!
 Momma turtle laying eggs in our yard
 Pretty :D  
My neighbors are all blue, guess my soil content is much different!
Ryan's very first pumpkin.  We have 5 on the vine right now and just hope that we can get 3 full sized ones for the kids to carve at Halloween.  It's her new summer tradition.  Not to mention her tomato plants that have kept her fed this summer.  We will have more plants next summer for sure.

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