Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sky Valley 2012

Family picture at the Tallulah Gorge Upper Rim
 This was our 35th year at Sky Valley.  For some reason they washed the carpets in our place-A5- so we had to relocate to a new home for our short visit.  We always look forward to sitting on the deck and drinking a cold drink after our picnic and horseshoe game.  This year after the move the guys were able to sit on the deck but the view was less of the valley and more of the woods.  :)
  Gran brough a couple buckets of dirt that she had bought at the mines years ago.  They have just been sitting there so she said the kids could go through them.  Since we only had 2 days instead of 3 we decided to mine in the yard.  Always exciting to see what's in the buckets!
 Growing up so fast :(  The kids on "spiderman rock" so named from when Kevy tried to climb up the face of it like spiderman when he was about 3...did NOT make his momma happy but it did make for a cute video :D
 Ryan on the famed picture rock spot
On the "goober rock"....
Me and the boy with our goobers in the back ground.  Yes, we are so proud ;)
 Kevy & Uncle Ricky
 I love this pic of clue what she is looking at, everyone else is behind her acting like goobers.
 Great pic of the folks :D we know where the kids get it :D 
Another beautiful trip.  Lots of new memories. Who knows where this years road will take us...

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