Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you ready for some football???

Yes, you just can't fight fate...Kevin is built like a linebacker. He plays soccer like a defensive tackle. The only thing he asked Santa for was a football. See where I'm going with this!?!? My dad is going to be SO happy, I'm going to be a nervous wreck!
Registration for Fall is in April but I need to start research on teams etc. since we're new at this. I also need to take out a loan for registration, jeepers! The best part is that we are trying to work it out so that he's on the same team as his best buddy Jackson. This would help me with a carpool and it would keep the boys motivated. Football camp sounds brutal, so it'll be good to have someone to go with. He'll have weekly games (that we have to pay to get into--hello???) a homecoming, and cheerleaders (Ryan will love watching them!). It should be an exciting time! Stay tuned. You think he can ask for #34???
Kevy on Christmas after he opened his football. Showing us how he was ready to play...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! Do you know how many memories come to mind just seeing the words "Blackwell Bears". Ang and Steph both were cheerleaders and Jen helped coach at some point. So many days and nights at the park.

Have fun!