Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coach's Invite Meet

What a great weekend! Jared was really on his game for his first two events. In his 50 Freestyle he beat his personal best by 6 seconds. He continued the streak with a 6 second jump on his 100 Breast. Wow, great, two personal bests, and then he had his 50 Backstroke...ok, so he added half a second to his best time. Today in his first event he was three seconds off his best time for the 50 Breast, kind of a shock since that's his favorite. He rallied back to sink his 100 Back time by 6 seconds. He got a DQ for rolling over too soon on his flip turn so the time won't post. At least it was 10 seconds faster then the last time he swam it! :) So his last event was the 100 Free, he was half a second off his best but he posted 8 seconds faster then the last meet. All in all he did fantastic. The best part of the weekend was when he got 1st in his heat on the 50 Free! Yahoo!

Little Ryan. Let me say, as I always do, that she was one of the smallest there. The ante was upped this meet because it was a 10 and Under meet. That doesn't mean that only the little kids are there, it means the little kids swim she was basically swimming kids that could be about to turn 11. Yeah, that's right...BIG dogs. Our little chihuahua took on the mastiff like it ran off with her favorite toy. She didn't back down and she had a great time. First on the docket was the 50 Free and she got a personal best by a half second. Next up was the 50 Back. She was off her best by 3 seconds, BUT, she beat the last post by 14 seconds...not too bad. Today she had the 50 Breast (her favorite) and she absolutely BLEW her best out of the water by 20 seconds. Maybe she'll get the "whopper dropper" award for this meet. It's kind of like a most improved. Last but not least was the big one. End zone to end zone, I'm talkin' her first 100. She got on that block with kids that were already developing if you catch my drift and held her own against them. She probably posted the slowest time but she didn't sink, she posted a time (no DQ) and she came out of the water smiling. That's a girl!

This meet had 1100 entrants so the kids were limited in their events, 3 each day for Jared and 2 for Ryan. Otherwise we'd be there until July. It was a good meet and it's fun to see progress, especially after all the time they spend practicing. Best thing for them is that they're forging friendships, gaining confidence and they're staying healthy. Maybe I'll take up the sport...If I wasn't afraid of being beat by my kids :)

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