Monday, March 23, 2009

Duh dunt. Duh Dunt. dunt-dunt-dunt-dunt-AHHHHH

Here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for...**Parental warning, this post contains actual footage from the shark dissection field trip. Photos contain graphic "nature"....hahaha

So I rarely live out my dreams in the kids. I figured I had my chance, but this was one thing I couldn't pass up. I missed the target program in school by a couple points. Rob missed by a couple points. Jared missed the first couple times and Kevin missed as well. I think I would have loved being in target but it wasn't meant to be. I do however remember the day in fifth grade when "our" sharks came in. I was coming up with every excuse I could think of to get a glimpse of them. I finally found them in the library, on a plastic sheet looking NOTHING like they do when we are on the boat. Now mind you, I have grown up with shark fishing and "dissection" but this was different, this was with my friends and this was gross! Plus I knew I could handle it where as Susie-squirmy sitting next to me wouln't.

SO they needed chaperones for Jared's Target class for the 4th &5th grade field trip to do their Shark Dissection. Who went? I did!!! YIPIEE, only 20 ought years later :) I had a blast and I had my camera. Thanks to the wonderful clarity of my Nikon, you too will feel like you were right there. :)

I also took pics for Karen since she was away and missed it, lucky for me, Katie and Jared were in the same group so that made my job easier and I could oogle at the dead fish instead.
Here's our group, Jared, Katie and Cameron
Counting the teeth looking at the external features...etc
Ready, set, cut!
yes Karen, she actually cut out the liver!
Jared cutting open the stomach to see what the shark had for dinner...not much...


L i n d a l o v e said...

Wow, this is really exiting for the kids, isn't it?? They probably felt pretty grown up while they were doing it.. Have a nice day Tracey! :o)

L i n d a l o v e said...

Hi Tracey, yes I have made the dress. I have started makins some dresses and it's so much fun! I have written in English on the post that you wrote me, so you can read more about it. I will start selling the dresses..Me and some friends are making a blog where we sell handcrafts. I will post the name of the blog when it's ready.. Have a great day! -Linda :o)