Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Homer House Final Addition

When my brother Rick was 6 years old, he got his first Scottie dog, Pooh Bear. Honestly there has never been a dog like him. When I was 6 I got a puppy named Paddy, and there hasn't been another Scottie in my heart like my first. When Paddy died it left a very large void in the Helland house, so my mom and dad called Ruth Ann (our breeder and close friend) and found out that a litter was born the day that Paddy died. Very serendipitous. We could not wait to go to Wisconsin to pick up our puppy, Foxi. It was a long wait, but well worth it.

When Jared turned six, we had decided that the Homer Kids could continue the tradition. Jared, of course, picked a kitten. I was a dog person. I was NOT a cat person, and neither was Foxi girl. But Rob found a new breed and it was more hypoallergenic then most. They also love water and act like dogs...sounded perfect. The icing on the cake was that the breed name was Bengal. Hello? War Eagle!! Perfect. We found a breeder in North Carolina and went to get Aubie. She is a love and I wouldn't trade her for the world. Aubie and Foxi became very close. That wasn't the best news since Foxi was starting to get older and we weren't quite sure what Aubie would do if Foxi should die. Well, Kevin turned six and he picked a kitten as well. We found a local breeder and we fell in love with her and her cats. She is the first, and only, breeder in Georgia to receive the Breeder of Distinction Award from TIBCS. Ramsay came to live in the Homer House and life was great. All the animals got along great but Foxi was getting older still. In May we had to say a VERY tearful goodbye to our old girl. It was very hard for me and I didn't realize it, but it was very hard for Ryan too. It's been almost a year and the girl mentions every DAY either 1) getting a dog or 2) how we lost Foxi and she misses her so bad. As most of you know, Ryan turned 6 in January. Now when we started this tradition we knew that each child would ultimately choose their own animal. There is nothing in the world like your very own, your very first, pet. So we tried to convince Ryan that a dog was out of the question; no yard, no one home during a bulk of the day and we travel one weekend a month for swimming. Not a fair life for a doggie...she understood but wasn't happy. So we bought her a frog. Still not the answer. We looked into guinnea pigs...whoa-way not the answer. And the only thing we came back to was a kitten. As fate would have it, we just took a gander at Mama Christina's site. We contacted her about the next litter, and possibly getting a snow. Aubie is a brown spotted, Ramsay is a silver spotted and Haley is a snow. Yes, Ryan is getting a kitten. There is plenty of love to go around and now our family is complete. No more pets for the next few decades. To join "Aubrn's Dixieland Daisy" and "Bahiya's Ramsay Little Plainsman"---

I would love to introduce "Haley's Auburn Tiger of Bahiya"Ryan Auburn Homer will have a kitty with the same middle name...
We can't wait to bring her home!!
Do you still want to see more? I have a link to Kittycam...Christina sent this to us last week, all it did was make us love her more. Today we officially found out she will be ours and we are over the moon! I will post more pics as soon as I get them. :)
you can also see more pictures at Christina's Website: Bahiya Bengals


My Pirate and My Princess said...

OH MY GOSH...she is the cutest thing on this planet. that picture ryan did is so cute! i bet you can't wait to bring her home. ok, i checked the webcam video out and they are so cute. i'm jealous! tell ryan congrats on her new baby...when do you get to bring her home?

Tracey said...

Around Mothers Day, maybe a bit later. For sure by the time school is out, so that will be fun :)

Keri said...

Awe... such a sweet and beautiful little kitten. I bet Ryan will just love her to pieces. How could you not with a precious little face like that? Makes me want to get a kitty for my youngest boy. Too cute!