Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chalker Blockers #739 Regionals!


Chalker Blockers team #739 was the first team from Chalker to advance from prelims to Regionals. Next stop was State if they qualified. Each group had three chances to run the table with their robots. They also had to present their project to a technical panel of judges as well as a project panel of judges. Lots of presentation skills were learned this year and the kids did an awesome job. I really thought they might have a shot, IF they could get their robots to run the table spot on.

First Run-not good, not too bad. They scored 120 points.

Last run of the table. They only scored 90 points and they made some crucial errors.

What do you do while you're waiting for your turn? Hang out with friends and play games at the different teams tables. Ryan and Marcelene won bears at the ECMS Short Circuit booth. Cute :)

Or you could just hang out under the table, which is what Kev decided to do. I have to admit, we had been there 10 hours and we were waiting for the announcement of the winners. Jared's group did not place in the top three of any of the categories (Team Work, Technical, Project or Table Run) and they did not place in the top 16 overall which meant they did not advance to State. It was a hard loss, they did so great and they came so far in just a few months. Josh and Jared will be going to middle school next year so it should be interesting to see where that takes us. I may be running an independent team out of my house if there isn't a team at Palmer. We shall see. What an awesome experience though!

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