Saturday, January 16, 2010

Swimming the MLK in Downtown

Ryan is officially 7 for her first meet. This meet (MLK invite) will be tricky every year because of the way her birthday falls. This year she was just older for the meet. Not so big of a deal since she isn't aging up, but it may be an issue in future years. Since she's too young to really care about state cut times, the only thing she is going for is IRON MAN (posting a time in all available events for her age group). She has been missing the 50 Fl for 2 years but at MLK, she finally did it. WAHOO!! Next goal is to post a Top 10 Time for the Gold Girls in each event in her age group, she already has quite a few :)
Jared swam well, he even matched his state cut time for the breast so that made me feel better, he's not going to state on a fluke ;) The poor thing is so close on a couple more events, we'll see. He still has two more meets before state. The reason we are trying to get them in this year is that next year the state cut times are REALLY hard to make. The jump from 9-10 times to 11-12 times is HUGE. He really doesn't have a shot at state next year unless something momentous happens..which I don't foresee-this IS Jared we are talking about. Marching to his own drum is an understatement. His coach always says that he hopes we never get caught in a fire because Jared would still take his sweet time, even then. Anyways, here are some pictures of the day. I know swim pictures can get boring so here are my favorites from the weekend:

LOOK how comfortable he looks on the blocks-AWESOME! It took a long time to get here...

Ryan on the other hand rarely gets intimidated...

...even when the girls are twice her size :)

Great form Pinkie:)

Not to bad for Jared either. He's come a long way this year!

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