Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kell Longhorn Wrestling

HOOK 'EM Kevin!

Kevin started wrestling as soon as football was over. Glad to say, he loves it. We are getting used to a new sport (again). I think he is really good at it so we are encouraging him to stay with it again next year. Here are some pictures from his first two tournaments. I took a couple and a team parent on the floor took the other ones. I am so grateful because we were so far away and his pictures came out so much better then mine did. The links should take you directly to the shutterfly address to see all of the pictures of the team. I posted my favorites. Kevin was in the 10 & Under for the Kell Longhorn and the Kell Greenhorn.

At home before the Tournament, not a fan of the singlet.

warm ups. Hi Mom!

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Click here to view these pictures larger

YAY!! A Bronze medal for coming in 3rd in his bracket! Way to go Kevman :)