Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5th Grade Field Trip

5TH Grade Trip to Tennessee

This is Jared's group of pals, they did a business project together and that was their name:
Josh, Jared and Jordan

:):)Never seen the penguins at this aquarium before :):)

love this one ;)

I loved the butterfly room, I could have stayed in there all day. Made me think of relay...

This is a Relay butterfly, "painted lady" I think is the name.

Jared and Autumn

Inside Ruby Falls. I wasn't a fan of the tunnels to get there but I LOVED how these pictures came out :)

They were doing a light show with music to make it more exciting...

pretty :)

The castle is made from all the rock they brought up from the elevator shaft to get down to the caverns. I think we were down 270+ feet.

Today was the class trip up to the Tennessee Aquarium, IMAX and Ruby Falls. It has been a LONG time since I have done that day trip. The aquarium was great because we did a building I have never been in before. I actually liked that one better then the main building. The touch tank, butterflies and penguins were awesome! We had a pizza lunch on the plaza and then off to IMAX. We saw the Hubble Movie and Jared was in heaven. It was super cool in 3-D and we learned quite a bit. The entire room shook when the shuttle launched-I can only imagine being at the Cape for the real deal. Next stop was Ruby Falls (named after the founders wife, not because there are Ruby gems everywhere). We had to take a tiny elevator down a narrow shaft into the caverns...walk for 30-45 minutes and viola! the Ruby Falls. The kids had a great time, I was exhausted :) The coach bus trip was fun until the airconditioner quit...minor details.
Rob picked us up at school and we were off to Chick Fil A. Jared and Ryan BOTH made student of the month for May and got a free meal in their honor. Nice :) Tomorrow is the Medieval Feast for Target.

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