Thursday, May 13, 2010

Medieval Feast-Roger Bacon


like the monk wig? $2.50 (yay me) the other stuff we already had at home.

decorations for the feast, the room looked outstanding!

more decorations.....

...and more

a shot of the class all decked out. I spy with my little eye:
Leif Eriksson, Ann Boleyn, Johannes Gutenberg, Richard the Lionheart, Marco Polo, Queen Elizabeth I, Kubla Kahn, Henry the VIII...

This would be "Roger" slaying the 7 foot tall dragon that was in the room....

The last two weeks of school are JAMMED full of activities for all three kids. Between the field trip to Tennessee, Medieval Feast Day, Field Day (x3) and end of the year projects (x4) we are going to ENJOY summer break!
Jared chose to do a monologue on Roger Bacon, a monk who developed the scientific method, discovered the camera and helped spread Christianity :) Good Boy! :) He did a great job on his presentation, we may have an actor on our hands. :) The room looked beautiful for the feast! I didn't help much because it was on the tails of Relay but total props to the moms that took that project on. I was SO tempted to buy one of the huge Knights for my Dad, he's always wanted one ;)

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