Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Days at Chalker for Jared

Wow the last few weeks of 5th grade are PACKED with fun things to do. We had the field trip to Tennessee, the Target presentation, a Hawaiian Luau with DJ, a red carpet lunch and video presentation, awards assembly, class awards and the walk of fame through the halls. We didn't get that kind of treatment in 5th grade! Jared received 1 award, the class Science award-Way to go!
One bus stop on our street uses silly string on the 5th graders for the last day of school. Since they only had two kids this year they invited all the 5th graders and their families to come to their stop. We had silly string, a banner for the kids to run through, popsicles, cold drinks and plenty of pictures. The bus driver was SO sweet about the entire thing, even when her bus got "decorated".
YAY!! It's officially SUMMER VACATION

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