Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ryan's 8th Birthday Party

My baby can't be 8 already!?!

As most of you know the Homerhouse kids are allowed just a handful of special people for their birthday celebration. This makes things difficult when trying to choose who is going to attend but when we have the birthday treat we can do more intricate activities.

This year Ryan picked her two girlfriends Ashleigh and Shay. She wanted "stars on the ceiling" (a local Mexican place) and to go paint pottery.
We had so much fun hanging out making our creations! Shay made a jet ski, Ryan a turtle, Ash a coffee mug, Jared a snail, Kevin a longhorn magnet and football and I made a cereal bowl with cinnamon toast crunch characters on it. We had so much fun!

Afterwords we went back to the house for some chocolaty-chocolate-chocolate cake...Ryan's favorite.

I hope year 8 brings everything your heart desires Brittle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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