Monday, August 1, 2011

Moving Time :D

Thirteen years my brother Rick has lived in Michigan. Thirteen years I have been waiting for him to move back! :D This summer while we were in Florida we got word that Rick's house had sold. Yippiee! The trip home from Florida was on a Saturday, then right back in the car on Sunday to Whitehall. Ryan joined Rick, Mom and I in this adventure. We spent the week packing and organizing plus making some stops at our favorite local places. We got to eat at our favorite restaurants, shop at our favorite store and spent some time driving around. One thing we found on our trek was a Dairy Treat and they sold Dole Whips. I think I am secretly glad we didn't know about this until the end, I would have weighed 800 lbs after that week had I known. :) It was bittersweet leaving Michillinda and the amusement park on the corner, but I am looking forward to having Rick closer for holidays, for special days and for well, just plain old any days. He's still traveling as much as he has been, but now he can fly into Atlanta instead of Grand Rapids. Welcome Home Uncle Ricky!! :)

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