Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kell White vs. Harrison Blue--Hook 'em!

Yay! It's that time!!! Kevin's football games are here and he has been working SO hard. He will be starting again this year as center. He loved it last season and really wanted to do it again. Apparently at practice he does really well on his snaps and game day is the chance to see what you're made of. Rob unfortunately got word that he would have to miss the first two, maybe three games. A trip to Australia could not be avoided. :( As his second year as a coach he was not happy about it but knew the boys worked hard and cheered them on from the other end of my phone. He stopped by and helped the kids warm up then had to jet...hahaha

Wishing the boys luck

I loved this shot :D

taking the field for offense

Great play, resulted in a TD for Kell. They won the game 22-12!

Some more pictures from the day:

I loved this, think the poor boy was hot? Astro turf is about 10-20 degrees hotter, ick.

What a cute cheerleader ;)

My rotten little monkey urchins :)

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