Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Our house. In the middle of Day Lily Way...looking all spooky and ready for Halloween!
Carving pumpkins!
Kitty Pumpkin by Ryan
Ninja Pumpkin by Kevin
Tux the Linux Penguin by Jared
 My little urchins. Kevin-the dead rat. Ryan-the vampire. Jared-Dr. Who
Hannah, Sam and Jared went out together this year. Hannah was an 80's gal, Sam was Darth Helmet and Jared was weird. Ahem, just kidding-he was Dr. Who. The 10th doctor I think...
This is Ryan's sad face since she has to trick-or-treat wearing her boot :( She was slow but she got tons of candy with this pathetic face ;)

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