Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kell Football 2012

 This year was Kevin's 4th season with the Kell Longhorns. He advanced from the youth to the juniors since he is in middle school. They sure do grow boys big these days!! Kevin was able to play starting center again this year. Something he really loves and is pretty good at. He could always use a little improvement, but that's what the off season is for. :D Their team did not do so well, I think they were 2-8? Not a stellar record but they learned quite a bit.
 This is a pic of my boy after they got pummeled by the Sequoya team in October. Still smiling, WTG Bu :D
 "Before" shot of his helmet. Apparently it is a B.I.G deal for him to look at all his marks. He earned every one of those gashes, dings and splotches.
 It's always a sad day when we have to turn the equipment back in. I promise it was just June and we were getting all our gear and getting so excited for another great year. The "After" shot of his helmet erases all of the hard fought battle scars. Sorry Kev. :(
Win or Lose, Good or Bad, it was another awesome season for Rob and Kevin on the fields. 
I LOVE my Longhorns!!

Hook 'em!!
This was one Saturday afternoon in September. My folks came into town to celebrate our anniversary.  What does a football player like to eat? ANYTHING! Especially a piece of pizza bigger then your head!

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