Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ryan's "Fall"

What do you call a girl who can't get out of her own way? Ryan Homer. This poor girl started off October with an iffy score on her eye exam at the school. Since I am one of the testers I get the results in real time and can make an eye appointment before I get the letter coming home from the school nurse saying she needs to go get checked out. This happened with Kevin and it happened with Ryan in October. She did need to get glasses but not for nearsightedness like the rest of the family. She has trouble reading things up close so studying can be hard for her. She basically got reading glasses and we were back to school by recess time. 

 Looking super cute and very PINK today :D
 Nice glasses Ryan
Less than a week later she was opening the freezer to get out her breakfast. A brand new, HUGE, can of nuts from BJ's fell off the top of the fridge and broke her foot. Ask Jared about it sometime. Basically she had what was called a "healing fracture", a deep tissue injury. She would be out of the water for about a month. Two swim meets will be missed and she was one grumpy guppy. The good news was that we had the realization that she really, I mean REALLY loves to swim. If she was that upset about having to miss a few weeks, then that is where she belongs. Some kids might have said, "yay! I don't have practice for a while and I can skip two meets", but let me tell you...the poor kid felt like she was being punished. It was awful. Not to mention she had to go trick or treating with that thing on. That's another entry though. At least her brother was REALLY nice to her for a couple weeks. :D

The following week we had yet another doctor appointment. This time we had her 5 year cardiologist followup. She had an EEG and an EKG and everything looks good. She still has the VSD and the murmur can still be heard by her pediatrician but she is released from the cardiologist. At least one thing went well and she could finally get back into a routine at school without having to leave for doctors appointments!

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