Thursday, October 4, 2012

Homerhouse Flood 2012

It was a beautiful fall day. I was out in Villa Rica with my ladies tennis team for an afternoon of fun. I didn't have to rush home to get Ryan off the bus since she had robotics practice on Thursdays. Sounds nice, right? It was the perfect morning/afternoon. I walked into the house and heard a whooshing sound like the sink was on in the basement. Hmmm :/ I immediately thought how nice it was that the boys did their chores before school. Since I had to leave for tennis before they caught the bus my mind went to them doing the downstairs litter boxes and they left the sink running in the basement. Well 1)-they don't do any chores unless I ask and 2)- they always wash their hands upstairs after throwing the trash in the dumpster in the garage. As I went doan the stairs I got a worsening sense of dread. I came around the corner and was greeted with water at my feet. Not good. My next train of thought went to the new dishwasher that Rob and I had installed on our own a few weeks prior. I envisioned that we hadn't tightened something down right and now had a leak. Nope, not the problem. I noticed the top of the hot water heater was spewing like a lawn sprinkler. Found the culprit. :( Now my mind begins racing to get this fixed, cleaned up and done. Could I just fast forward 12 hours?  I knew I was in for a long afternoon/evening.
I called my in laws, I needed help quick since Rob was out of the country. Rob's God parents, Myra and Darryl, showed up first. They came bearing shop vacs and we all got to work. Barb got Ryan from school and things were moving along quite nicely. I got all my brother's boxes moved out of the danger zone and cleared out all of the debris. The repair man came by around 9 pm and we had a plan. Rob called about 3am his time to touch base after my initial panic call. He put a call into his buddy Charles and he would be by in the morning. I cancelled the guy from the first company and by 11 am the next day I was FINALLY getting my hot shower that was due after my tennis match the day before. I literally time warped 24 hours, it was a bizarre experience that I really could have done with out. 

Between the leaky upstairs toilet, the dishwasher install with Rob (we are still happily married-thank you very much) and the hot water heater I jump anytime I hear water running. That reminds me...did I tell you the one about the ice maker that went haywire before school one morning shortly after our hot water heater burst?  Oh, yeah. That's a good campfire story as well...

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