Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Jared!

Happy 10th Birthday Jarebear!!
Can I still call you that? I'm thinking that's probably not very "cool" anymore...too bad ;)
Mikey and his family go to the same Mexican joint every Friday. We join them when our sports schedule allows. Mikey's birthday is in March and for his special dinner they brought out the "big red hat" and sang the birthday song. Since March the boys have been planning on Jared's bithday being here as well. I guess part of the fun is that the guy behind you whacks you on the head through out the entire thing and then at the end they smash your face into your dessert. Funny when you're ten. Wonder if they do the same thing to adults.The BEST part was that it was Cinco de Mayo Friday so the place was jam packed. So many people were clapping and singing, it was really great, very memorable! :) He had a blast...
....and loved getting smooshed into his dessert.The boys (Mikey and Anthony) were spending the night so we headed back home to play, have gifts and dessert for those who did not already wear theirs.
Like Jared's "cookie cake"??...I crack myself up. He actually LOVES these things from Publix. Not my favorite but all the little people love them. Good thing they have them in the bakery all the time, that's what he insisted on for his birthday. I had cupcakes on standby just in case. Ok, they were really for me-Publix vanilla frosting on vanilla cupcakes--my criptonite.

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Keri said...

I'm totally loving that second photo of Jarebear. His expression blows me away. So happy and adorable too!

Speaking of Jarebear, kinda funny.... my friends still call me Karebear.