Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three days until Relay

I loving Memory of Donna Spaulding
October 31st 2005
Some of you know what I do for a living, a volunteer living that is. If you don't know by now we really need to do lunch cause it's been way too long. This is my second year as the Chair of the Cobb County Relay for Life. Yes, I am crazy about it. Yes, I annoy people by always bringing it up in conversation. BUT, I can bet that every one of you wants to find a cure for this awful disease. It put me on this path and though I am grateful, I still hold a grudge. My HOPE is that one day my grandkids will say, "what was Cancer?" and Rob, our kids and I can tell them that it is something they don't have to ever worry about because we helped find a cure.
In Loving Memory of Ty Harvey
April 5th 2007

THIS is your personal invitation to come out to our Relay May 8th and 9th at Jim Miller Park (the Cobb county fair grounds). Granted I may not be able to greet you at the campsite since I may be on the main stage talking to 10,000 of my closest friends, but I will know that you came out to support me and our little team that could. Rob, all three kids, my parents and my brother will be there as team members. So if you haven't seen us in a while this is a great chance to catch us all in one spot! :)In Loving Memory of My Grandma Lou
December 1, 2004

Friends for LIFE started 6 Relays ago with just 10 people. A handful of those originals are still around to witness our groundbreaking year. In that short period of time we will have raised over $200,000.00, just our team, in the fight against cancer! Words could not even come close to what the Relay experience is like, so please try and come out to the track. It is a night like no other with plenty of time to Celebrate (games, food, activities, Survivor reception, survivor lap), Remember (Butterfly release, Luminary Ceremony) and to Fight Back (every dollar counts towards finding a cure).

Here is the Schedule in case you can make it out to the Track:
5:30 pm Survivors/Caregiver Reception Begins
6:00 pm KidZone activities and fundraising (food, items for sale, face painting, games, etc)
7:00 Opening Ceremonies, Butterfly Release, Survivor Lap, Kids Walk Lap and Team Lap
10:00 pm Luminary/Torch bearer ceremony
7:00 am Closing Ceremony
Working hard to find a cure for my future and theirs
since 2004
This is my last year as chair, but I will always be the captain of Friends for LIFE. If you cannot make it out this year, please try and come in 2010...I'll be there for sure! I made a comment to my folks that "just a few more weeks and I'll be done with relay (meaning serving as chair)". Jared overheard and with great anticipation he asked, "they've found a cure?!?!" No, not yet, but won't that be a great day! We are making so much progress, every day, every dollar. Did you know that 90 lives a DAY are saved by work that the American Cancer Society is doing? That could be you, a loved one, a child or a friend. If you would like more information please click on the Cobb County Relay for Life link to the right. If you would like to know more about Friends for LIFE please click that link as well. If you have any questions, please email me or give me a call

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Anonymous said...

OK so you have made me cry. You really know how to write from your heart. Looking forward to another Relay. I am so proud of you.