Monday, May 18, 2009

Relay Post (finally...)

Relay for Life 2009
This was my second and final year as co-chair. I had a wonderful time but I am ready to go back to being a plain old team captain....and steering committee member. I keep thinking maybe now I can cause the problems instead of having to solve them...hahaha. The above shot is from the Survivor's reception. The committee did a beautiful job and it looked fantastic. Ty's quilt was set up in the corner with plants and lattice work and it made a beautiful picture back drop for all of our Survivors.

Kevin and I at the campsite. I would sneak over to FFL whenever I had a chance. I hated not being on site to help out but I left the team in great hands and everything went smoothly. We boosted our team totals by a few thousand dollars. Not too shabby for one night's work...
Daddy and the cow...enough said :)
a shot of the masses...
I'm the little orange dot on the stage...can you see me?
This is the Survivors lap. Makes me cry every time. I still remember Jen and Ty taking their first lap...that was so long ago. This man in the hat made me cry this year...he was all alone, no one walked with him and it took him twice as long as everyone else. He's actually walking with the kids lap, they had caught up to him. This picture also makes me smile because you can see someone reaching out to pat him on the back...THAT is what Relay is all about!
Rob and Jared are giving a Survivor a lift during the Survivor lap.
Me and my bubby...the kids we SO excited to stay overnight this year.
Me looking official and Ryan waiting for the Mr. & Miss Relay contest. She didn't win but she was a crowd favorite...
This about sums up Relay...We had wiped our schedule clean for the next couple days and had recorded shows to watch in our vegitative states. We all came home and crashed on the couch...some harder then others :)

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