Friday, October 2, 2009

Changing colors

This is a fun post, our kids are now famous. Just kidding. They were chosen from a long list of qualified applicants to become web models for the Changing Colors website. Kidding again, Sorry. They really are models but the short list was really, really short ;) You have to know people I guess. hehehe

My girlfriend Eva owns a couple stores down in the Ft. Myers area. Years ago we met and each time we went into her store we talked a bit more. I know, I never talk, right? So anyways, she has this awesome store with really cool clothes, jewelry and nail polish. YES!! I L.O.V.E. nail polish!! We have such a hard time going into her store and finding shirts. One design is cuter then the other and it's so hard to make a choice. I think we own them all...seriously, no kidding here. In the shade the shirts are in black and white and in the sun they turn into full color. Super Cool! Go to her website and check it out. The kids pictures just got to Eva today so they will be up after her hubby works some technical magic. Stay tuned!

Ryan looked a bit stiff so I told her to, "put some sass into it". What do you think?

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