Monday, October 19, 2009

Uncle Shucks

The HomerHouse has started the tradition of going to the corn maze every Fall. We try a different one each year and we LOVE them. The day we chose to go was after a swim meet and we were so tired but the weather was SO beautiful. Since I am actually blogging this in December, and it snowed this morning, I am longing for those gorgeous Fall days!

Last year I had a shot where Ryan looked 80 feet tall, this year Kevin is in the shot with her. I think they look HUGE in this picture.

My rotten little monkey urchins

Kevin taking aim. He would do well with a red rider...

Ryan thinks guns are icky. Look at her face!

Aim a bit lower Jared ;)

What cute kids! :)

On the hunt, here we go!

Found it!

Taking a break half way through. This is my favorite one.

On the hayride, more group pictures--Smile kids! "Hey look kids, Corn!"

Can it get much sweeter then this I tell ya? What a great day!

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