Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Swim Update

Did I really wake up at 5:30 am or was I just dreaming all day? The kids swam so fast today it must have been a dream. First up was Ryan and her 25 free style. All summer she was dropping her times and I was hoping that she would break 20 seconds and she DID!! I went nuts, seriously nuts. Next time I act like that will be WHEN Jared makes state. He has decided this year that it's worth going (all his friends are making state cut times) so I guess we have something to work for now. Here is the recap of their times. NO DQ's this weekend-awesome!!
Out of the 17 events the kids did, only one, ONE, event was an added time and it was only (+.20)--that makes me so happy!

25 Free, 19.36-dropped 4 seconds! Woot Woot!!
50 Back 55.98-broke one minute-YAY!! dropped 9 seconds off her time
25 Breast 31.63-dropped 2 seconds.

50 Free-right on his time (swam Friday and same thing on his time)
100 Back-1.39.18 dropped 8 seconds-awesome!
50 Breast-50.41-dropped 3 seconds
200 Free-3.22.00 dropped 6 seconds-wowza!

Great job guys! Let's see what next week brings out of Jonesboro. I'll have pictures from that pool, it's easy for the camera.

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