Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jonesboro recap

Wow, what a weekend. Last weekend we had a swim meet with a 5:30 am wake up. We did the corn maze on Sunday afterward and I have yet to post those pictures. Here we are a week later and I need to post more updates, where did the week go?!

This weekend we had to split up again. Kevin had a football game on Saturday morning. Rob was doing the chains so he had football duty. I again went with the swimmers. I am looking forward to next weekend, no meets and I get to watch Kevin play!

Rob said the game was fantastic. Kevin got a lot of play time and they came so close to winning. Apparently the kids on this team were HUGE, remember the "oak tree"?? There were three on this weeks team. Oh, and they were undefeated-well, they still are undefeated. BUT, the Kell team gave them a run for their money. Way to go boys! Coach sent over this shot that someone took on Saturday.

The swimmers had a great meet as well. Considering they had a meet last weekend (back to back meets are for the birds) their times were really good. Most of thier results shaved time off their seeded times and are right about what they did last weekend. Oh yeah, and Ryan got a trophy. She came in 5th place overall for the 8 and under girls. This was a 14 and under meet so there were no 25's, just 50, 100 and 200's. She swam a TON but hung in there. It's really weird to hear people yelling, "go Pinkie" from all over the aquatic center. Folks from the other team were cheering her on today. What an awsome thing! She has so much spunk and is so stinking cute when she swims. She didn't do her breast stroke pull out yesterday, she said she wasn't comfotable doing it so I told her to do whatever she could to post a time. I didn't want her to panic on the block since this was her first 100 breast. Coach Karen asked later why she didn't do it and she said, "mommy told me not to". Whoa there girly, not my words. Anyways, she did the pullout today and shocked quite a few folks. I had people coming up to me saying that she really did a great job and that she looked fantastic. That was really neat. :)

Jared is working on his endurance and Coach says he's doing great. He's making new friends and is having so much fun. He is getting closer and closer to a state cut. Not sure if he'll make it this year but he's trying. He was 18th overall in points today-top 15 got a trophy. He was SO close :) Here's the recap:

200 free-3.20.14 took 8 seconds off seed time
100 breast-1.52.35 took 5 seconds off seed time
50 fly-50.55 took 1 second off
100 back-1.41.35 took 6 seconds off
50 free-38.81 1 second over seed time
50 back-46.35 took 6 seconds off
200 IM-3.45.42 28 seconds off previous time
50 breast-50.68 took 3 seconds off seed time
100 free-1.36.24 right on seed time (1.36.29)
100 fly-1.51.93 took 6 seconds off

100 breast-new event, posted a 2.12.48
100 back-2.04.24 took 20 seconds off
50 free-51.34 took 5 seconds off seed time
50 back-57.47 took 7 seconds off
50 breast-1.02.05 took 14 seconds off
100 free- 2.01.63 took 22 seconds off seed time

Ryan with her first year round swimming trophy. I remember my first trophy...


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