Saturday, October 3, 2009

one-one-oh baby!!

Kevin was lined up as a starter when the first game of the season rolled around. Due to rain the game was canceled and we didn't get to play. The next two weeks we were at Disney and Kevin didn't get to play. The following Saturday we were on the fields but Kevin lost his starter spot. He was so disappointed to only get to play 8 plays that game. We told him that he had to work twice as hard and double his efforts at practice. Last week was a bye week so he had plenty of time to show the coach he was ready to get his starter spot back. Today came and we were pretty sure that he was going to be a sub again since he didn't practice as a starter. But guess what?!? He ran in for the first play of the game!
We were so excited, he got to play the entire first quarter (and most of the rest of the game). Kevin kept looking back thinking the coach was going to pull him. He finally settled in and totally rocked the house. There was a kid on the other team, I kid you not, as big as Rob. He was H.U.G.E! Kevin called him the oak tree. I was taking all kinds of pictures and I actually caught one of Kev and another kid double teaming him-take a look:

Kev had an awesome play where runner fumbled the ball and Kevin made the recovery. Sadly the ground caused the fumble so it was a dead ball but it would have been a stellar play had the ball stayed in play. Way to be there Kevy!
When we got in the car on the way home he said it was the 1-1-0 that made the difference. I kept telling him after practice, "if the coach want's 100% from you, give him 110". Whenever he would look over at me I would give him a one-one-oh hand sign and he would thumbs up. He said it was the extra 10% that did it. Wow-he does listen! AWESOME! Here are some more shots of the boy, we are so proud of him!! :)

p.s. Kell lost 12-6 but as Kevin said in the car, "I won so much more today"...

look how he's watching that ball!

look at that hustle! Go Kev!

reviewing the plays...

heres a shot of the oak tree. Look at Kevin in the top left, great block dude.

will post video tomorrow, Auburn's on!

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