Monday, August 11, 2008

1st day of school debriefing

First I have an update on Ryan's heart murmur. I would like to say thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. The doctor finally called back and said "that everything looked fine, but...(I hate that word)...she has a tiny hole in the bottom of her heart". What this means is that she will go meet with a pediatric cardiologist to discuss where we go from here. Most likely it is something that she will out grow. She can resume normal activities and she has to take antibiotics before going to the dentist. He didn't seem too concerned and told me as much. I wanted to tell him, you don't know what our family has been through in the last five years, we never take anything for granted anymore. I will keep you posted.

On to the fun stuff. After scouring my house all morning I was ready to meet the bus at 2:30. I guess having all of them gone gives me a chance to get things done around the house. All my junk drawers, closets and filing boxes are now, fun. The kids all had a great day at school, here is the run down.

Ryan: Off the bus (forgot her backpack and had to get back on to retrieve it) with big smiles. She said her day was "great!" and her favorite part was "lunch and snack time. She sat with her friends Parker and Nevin on the bus and next to two kids she couldn't remember their names, in class". Yay, so far-so good.

Kevin: Off the bus with a HUGE grin, I love that toothless smile of his. He said he was "one of the best in his class" (last year we had lots of behavior issues with him making poor choices) and when I asked him if Ms.Severin had to call on him he said, "yes", with a devilish grin. Of course I asked why and he said, "because I was reading and didn't hear her". Yay...really good...2 down, 1 to go.

Jared: Came off the bus, I didn't see if he was smiling or not because I had to help Ryan get back on the bus to get her forgotten backpack. He talked nonstop from the bus to the house. He was full of things to talk about. I asked his favorite part of the day and he said, "recess because I got to see all my friends and find out what they did this summer." His best buddy Mikey is in his class (they went to 3 year old preschool together) as well as a couple kids off the bus. His teacher is very hands-on in the class and she has a very unique teaching style (she was teacher of the year for the county a couple years ago) this fits great with Jared's inquisitive nature and quirkiness. I have a good feeling about this year for him.

That's all that happened today. It was a long day for me but I got alot done. I guess tomorrow I tackle cleaning out the basement. I hope the school calls me for an interview soon, I'm running out of things to clean out!

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Brandon said...

When you do finish your cleaning, you are more than welcome to come help with mine :)