Friday, August 22, 2008

YES! I think we've found it!!

Kevin has been searching for quite a while to find a sport where he "fits". When he was 3 & 4 he played soccer, then switched to diving off the 3M spring board, 5 & 6 was swimming, 6 & 7 was gymnastics and now we have come full circle back to soccer-just before he turns 8.
He has and AWESOME coach that played professionally in Mexico and the kids adore him. He works them like dogs but they love every minute of it. Last practice was an hour and a half, tonight was close to two hours (they are supposed to last about 55 minutes). The kids were all having such a blast all the parents looked at each other and shrugged, "Let 'um play, it's not a school night". Kevin actually got really grumpy when it was time to leave he was having such a great time. I hope we have finally found a sport where he can build some confidence and have a great time. I uploaded a movie of tonight's action to youtube. You can click on the little picture to the right or
Click here for the YouTube link

Kevin and Max waiting for their turn

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