Tuesday, August 5, 2008

pics 8 of 8 (Dad's camera)

One night we decided to take a walk down to the pier and eat dinner. My dad took his camera (no surprise)...he also took over 90 pictures (also not a big surprise). Here are some of my favorites...most of his pictures were "shot from the hip" which makes for interesting editing. Bunches of the pictures were trying to get the perfect one for my mother's day frame.Ryan with her MP-3
Jared lookin' for critters
Kevy found a jelly fish
This picture was the best one for my frame. It was a great night and the food was awesome too. What a great reminder for the year!
I LOVE THIS SHOT!! Look at Kevin's face...it doesn't get better then this!
What a great vacation!! As always-- it was over all too soon...

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