Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pics 6 of 8 (Rick's Camera)

These are the (mostly) wonderful pics from my brother's camera. Obviously the kids got a hold of it at some point and decided to show off Kevin's serious side!
Apparently Kevin thought this was normal behavior for the camera for some reason.
Ok, it was my turn to steal the camera from Rick.
Happy 4th of July bugs!
The Shell Factory.
The land of waltzing waters, mermaids, and trinkets made from pooka shells. It is so infamous that there is a song about it...click here to hear the song...click here for a trip down memory lane. This year we decided to do bumper boats. Funny how Rick had his phone and camera in his pocket so we couldn't squirt him with water. I was beyond soaked. It took a month for my under garments to fully dry.

Beautiful shot of downtown Ft. Myers off of 41. Who knew HWY 41 could be so pretty? We got a bum deal. Our section of 41 is all car dealerships!
This is our bridge to get to Estero Island. We are really close to the end in the smallest building on the beach. Hard to believe that decades ago we were the only building at the end of the island. How times, and building codes, have changed!
View of our island from the front window. This is the BEST view in the entire world. Open the window and smell the sharp fragrance of the hibiscus and the hot salty air...ummm.
I stole the camera again...I loved this shot when we were out walking with the kiddos.
We went down to the pier for some ice cream. Ryan was on her date so it was me and "the boys". There was a beautiful storm coming in with lightning and rainbows to one side and the sunset on the other. It was a great night!!
Here's the rainbow on the back side of the storm.
Stom clouds make for some killer photo ops!
This is one of the BEST!
"Mr. and sister" go to the beach 2008

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