Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ft. Myers Beach Pictures 1 of 8 (Tracey's camera)

Here are the much anticipated photos of our vacation. We were gone for a month so there are lots of shots. I broke them down by major event/ other people's cameras. It will take a while for them to all upload so I may be here for days!

Here's our place, the Beach Club INice view from the poolside. We can watch the kids play on the beach or swim in the pool. It's nice and shady!!
Jared and J.C.
First sand excavation of the year
Ryan opted for a mani/pedi instead of the beach.
Hey Kevy!
Hard at work
Lunch in a cup anyone?
What a cute pair!!
Ryan and Benjamin running for water to fill the mote.
Jared, digging himself into a hole. hahaha
My attempt at being artsy while the kids played on the beach.Rob and the kids on the front porch.
I take a shot every year for his Father's Day frame, this is the picture for 2008.

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