Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pics 5 of 8 (Tracey's camera)

Playtime at Grammy and Pop Pop's place in Naples.
Grammy, Jared and Ryan take a swim while the others go fishing in the back bay.
Kevin the fisher-boy. We don't usually catch much. We just enjoy the process. When they get tired of going for fish they always bring in some crabs to play with. Ask Kevin about the one that pinched his toes...
Jared, smile!...I said smile, not squint!Hey BuBuRyan can hear the shutter open on the camera from a mile away!

Fishin' Huck Finn style.

Ryan and Pop Pop

Cute shot, maybe our Christmas card for 2008

I love this shot, it makes me smile that they are all water bugs!

Miss Priss has to arrange her towel "just so" before she has a seat.

These are my favorites of the trip this year. I really don't know how she was able to find me with the camera, and smile, and not belly flop on the landing! We were laughing so hard when I took these photos. It was a great day at the condo!

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