Saturday, November 8, 2008

5 personal Best GOLD times!!

The greenhouse effect-nice and toasty. Cool pool layout and lots of deck space!

Nick, Jared and Ryan

thought this was a cool shot

Jared on the blocks for his 100 Breast

Ryan set for her 25 Back

So the 5 am wakeup call came way too soon. The kids went to bed early and so did Rob & I but I am still sleepy sitting here. The lack of sleep was worth it, Jared and Ryan did really well today!! I can't wait to see how they do tomorrow. They get a stick on tattoo from Coach K if they beat a Gold time, Ryan had two tattoos (out of 2 events) and Jared had three (out of 4 events). Apparently there is something special if you get 4 tattoos (break 4 personal records)-maybe we'll find out tomorrow???

Here's the rundown:
Ryan's 25 Free-71st out of 83...2nd of the three 5 year olds...personal best of 31.46 (-4 sec)
Ryan's 25 Back-62nd out of 83...2nd of the three 5 year olds...personal best of 31.50 (-2 sec)
JB's 50 Free-39th of 52...beat his best Gold time with 47.06 (-1 sec)
JB's 100 Breast-18th out of 31 (Top 20 placed!! :))...2:06.59 (+.12 sec)
JB's 50 Back-33rd out of 50...NO DQ on his turn!! :):)...personal best with 56.63 (NT)
JB's 200 Free-results not up yet...but he beat his best by 6 seconds to post a 4:05.48 (-6 sec)

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